NSFW:  You are all benefiting from my forced physical inactivity.  Since I can’t walk or bear weight on my foot, I’m posting more images than I usually do. This is part of the Bedroom Lips series shot with #ParadoxicalBox (Audi).

LOVE the shoot with Adonna, I would love to see more of her. I like the way the light just plays off her. A very good model in my opinion, the bokeh in that series is awesome, looks like a painting

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Thank you.  Unfortunately, Adonna as stopped modeling.  I do have more in my archives, though, and I’ll try to put more of them up in the future.

NSFW:  Well, with this broken ankle it seems the rest of July and August my photographic endeavors will be limited to simply processing images from existing shoots. So, be prepared to see a variety of images from past shoots as well as some from my latest shoots.  

A very lovely friend of mine suggested I try some photographic essays. In fact, I’ve done a few of those in the past. This series was shot in Florence, Oregon a few years ago.  The model, Adonna, and I found an old abandoned rail and shot in and around it for about an hour.  The light wasn’t the great, but we made the best of it.  I think the series tells a story - what about you?

NSFW: So, this past week I took a short vacation trip to do some photography.  The very lovely Audi had come down from Seattle to shoot with me and to go the the Oregon Country Fair.  We did some patriotic bikini shots at a waterfall and then followed up with some shots at the sand dunes the first day.  On day two we shot at the Nellie Corser House and some of the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.  Friday was the Oregon Country Fair. Saturday, however, when shooting beneath the very lovely Dorena covered bridge in Cottage Grove, I took a  misstep while moving from one boulder to another and managed to effectively end my summer shooting (though I have hopes of getting at least a few more shoots in before the weather turns).

More for the 4th - yes, these should have been posted yesterday, but I got busy.  Anyhow, better later than never.  Watch for the Fanny Friday post later today!