NSFW: The very beautiful #St. Merrique in the studio about 3 years ago. If I recall correctly, this was from our first shoot together. #Floofie joined just for the 2nd half of our shoot. Some of those images will be coming soon.

NSFW: A few summers ago, on Sauvie Island, I had my first shoot with Keira Grant. It was an early morning shoot and the mosquitos were thick. Fortunately, Keira brought the insect repellant.  We spent a couple of hours shooting in the soft morning light. Here are a few to share.

NSFW:  Very early this summer, Selene and I spent a lovely afternoon in Cathedral Park.  She was in a playful mood and we both had a great time. Unfortunately, we only got in this one shoot before I managed to break my ankle. We had several more planned, and may yet get in another, but only if the weather stays nice for a few more weeks. Wish us luck.