NSFW:  Selene on Sauvie Island.  

It’s been a tough couple of weeks around here.  I’ve not had much time to work on images and it seems like forever since I’ve picked up a camera to shoot a lovely model. I’m hoping to shoot again soon if the weather cooperates.  Wish me luck.

NSFW:  Since Friday is the butt end of the work week, I’m declaring the 6th day of the week as Fanny Friday (yep, that’s the best I could come up with folks).  So, for the foreseeable future, on Fridays I will post a small collection of lovely bottoms from my photo archives.  For today’s bevy of beautiful bottoms, we have Angela, Lauren and Sivonna.

Gabriell from her outing on Sauvie Island. These are some of the non-nude shots from that day.  It was her first visit to a nude beach, but she did a great job posing and wasn’t the least self-conscious once we started shooting.

NSFW: There’s a little story that goes with theses shots.  #Floofie and I were shooting outdoors in the rain.  We were up on a ridge overlooking the Willamette River.  As we were walking toward the spot where we intended to shoot, the rainbow appeared.  Floofie quickly jumped up on a stump so we could get the best composition, undid the raincoat and opened the umbrella.  Just as I was taking the shot, the wind picked up and Floofie flew right off the stump.  She was surprised, laughing, and had just a single scratch on her leg.  We had a wonderful shoot the rest of the day, but there were quite a number of Mary Poppins jokes the rest of the day.